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Enjoying the holidays worry-free and at the same time doing something for your health: at the Sant’Apollinare Resort you can.

Dr Iulia Somu, Nutritionist Biologist, is at your disposal to offer you a Nutritional Program to rediscover a “healthy and conscious lifestyle”.

It is a dietary and health program; it reduces abdominal fat, body fat, while keeping lean mass, promoting cell and tissue regeneration.

Booking available to follow the 2/3 days Nutritional Program (depending on the requests).

The program includes:

  • First nutritional visit:
    • Physiological and nutritional history of the person;
    • Anthropometric examination;
    • Bioimpedance analysis;
  • Customized food plan.
  • € 110.00

  • Nutritional check:
    • Anthropometric data collection;
    • Possible dietary changes;

    € 35.00

  • Cuisine combined with nutritional programs;
  • Possibility of combining draining or detoxifying treatments with a draining or detoxifying diet (packages);
  • Possibility of long-distance nutritional counselling.

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Dr Iulia Somu

Nutritionist biologist.
Master’s Degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition